religion meets ecommerce

When Religion Meet The E-Commerce World

When Religion Meet The E-Commerce World It’s true, changes happen around us, and we feel the ripple effects of it in a way or another. Technology is ruthless, and it has spared no sector apart

When Religion Meet The E-Commerce World

It’s true, changes happen around us, and we feel the ripple effects of it in a way or another. Technology is ruthless, and it has spared no sector apart from itself. Our very own religions have had to transform through it. Today, church members can pay offerings and to the online or via their phones! On the same note, people shopping for Christmas gifts can do so online! And this is where HOLYART comes in; as the leading Christmas gift and decorations shop in the UK, we are now enabling you to shop for all the items and accessories youll need this Christmas online, pay online, then sit back and await delivery! No more long and hectic queues in gift shops; this is now a thing of the past.

Embracing e-commerce for HOLYART has enabled us to reach out to customers across the UK with ease and convenience. You enjoy hassle free shopping from the comfort of your home or office, you can select the items you want and pay online. Delivery across the UK takes 2-3 days.

religion and ecommerce

Shopping from has now gone paperless through the incorporation of e-commerce shopping. By investing in digital filing and communication, proceedings are initiated, distributed and instantly retrievable for referencing. That’s a very bold step and in the right direction. Removing the paper procedures saves a lot of the environment. Significantly lesser volumes of trees require cutting down for paper supply.The trees remain in place to hold soil in place naturally, and that contributes to smaller adverse effects like global warming.

E-commerce facilitates the channeling of energy to more critical business functions. In this case, it’s super customer service. Any business operating online does not operate from 9-5 like most offices do. During this festive season, shoppers can shop for their favourite items anytime of the night and day, as long as they have internet connections. The customer care representatives are always on standby to attend to you. Responses can either be via online chat or emails.

. Your packaging doesnt require waiting for paperwork to commence. You pay, the seller receives the transaction details, and immediacy starts packaging your items. Again no queuing or pushing and shoving around to be attended to.

HOLYART Customers get the following benefits for trusting and for embracing e-commerce:

  • The fact that our customer care team is online 24/7 is a good thing for our customers. A customer can make a follow-up at any time, day or night. That also comes regardless of where youre located in the UK. When a customer places an order, their bother is not who packed or delivered. The focus is on the transfer of values. E-commerce model fosters trust amongst all partners. The customer too benefits from faster delivery modes. For instance, upon purchasing a religious book, you may choose to access the soft copy first as the hard copy takes time for delivery. Digital content delivery is more comfortable, secure and cheaper.
  • Online shopping is also another great idea. You only require some internet connection for you to get catalogs from several sellers like HOLYART. That gives you opportunities to make comparisons before settling to order. You may also take advantages of virtual auctions! Sellers may offer a line of products at a very hefty discount to encourage you to make purchases.
  • Based on the trust element, E-commerce requires as much disclosure as possible. If it’s a laser projector from HOLYART, we ensure that we package and deliver exactly what youve ordered. Tricking a customer is the worst mistake via the e-commerce model. That’s why a return and refund policy has to be robust. A displeased customer can ruin business by spreading their dissatisfaction online. The customer care team has to be very smart at their interaction with prospective and return customers.
  • With HOLYART, you do not have to travel to do shopping for your product. In total, you make substantial saving of time and fuel youd have spent driving to our shop. This means lesser of noise and pollution to the air since you don’t move an inch. Your virtual shopping requires you to walk to your gate to receive your items.
  • With online shopping, HOLYART makes it affordable to own commodities. The lowered production costs enable HOLYART to offer you very competitive prices.

religion meets ecommerce world

You have no excuse this Christmas not to shop for your favourite gifts and decorations! Long queues? Hectic trips to the gift shop? Traffic snarl-up and fuel costs? All these have been automatically eliminated thanks to our online shopping platform. We have hundreds of different religious gifts and accessories, all at affordable prices. From statues and ornaments, or accessories to decorate your Christmas tree, HOLYART has you covered. We understand the value of Christmas time and that it is a vital part of being British. Decorating your home or Christmas tree goes a long way in creating the perfect atmosphere, especially if you expect friends around. We are already taking orders and are offering handsome discounts to all early shoppers.

You can rest assured that our site is safe to shop from; we use the latest encryptions to protect you from any form of theft or fraudsters. Besides, you can read reviews of our past customers and realize that indeed online shopping is the way to go. With HOLYART, we offer you the best pricing, a wide variety of items to pick from, and prompt delivery services. Our customer care team is always on standby 24/7, how about giving us a call today on +44 2080688794. We also ship our products outside the country, freel free to contact us for any enquiries. The shipping duration and cost will depend on your location, as well as amount of items youve purchased. 2018 indeed combines religion and e commerce in ways one would never have thought possible a few years ago. And the good thing is that this is the way of the future, e commerce is all about making things easier and more convenient for the shopper first, then the seller!